Groupon: $19 For $75 Worth Of Makeup From Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics (Limited Time)

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I try to keep my children healthy by cooking our meals and snacks with only “real” ingredients.  I didn’t even think about the things we use ON our bodies like lotions, soaps and make up for me!  As it seems with all “natural” things (have you seen the price on chemical free wheat bread?? Sheesh!), the make up is expensive!  I haven’t really seen many sales on natural makeup, so if you are looking to buy, now is the time!  Score natural cosmetic products made with 100% pure minerals from Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics for up to 78% off!
Choose from these Options

  • $19 for $75 worth of mineral cosmetics
  • $29 for $130 worth of mineral cosmetics
  • $49 for $200 worth of mineral cosmetics
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