What’s YOUR Style? How About $40 Worth Of Julep Treats For FREE?

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Are you a Julep Maven?  If not, why not?  It’s so easy, inexpensive and their products are great!  They just finished up their 12 days of Christmas deals and it really got me excited about ordering from them more often!!

Sign up for Julep HERE and create your style profile.  When you use coupon code FREEBOX, you’ll get $40 worth of Julep Maven beauty treats for FREE.  The NO OBLIGATION monthly subscription price is just $19.99 each month!  You’ll have access to exclusive nail colors, free shipping and 20% off the site!

1.  Take the style quiz from Julep Maven.  They will make you a custom box based on your answers that you can either choose that one or pick another one.

2.  Their monthly items are usually $19.99 but type in code FREEBOX and your price will drop to ONLY $0.01.–>View all items after you take their style quiz.


NOTE: Shipping is $4.99 and totally worth it!


  1. Caly says

    I used to be a Julep (maven) user. A year ago. I had to cancel because I suddenly had 100 different color of nail polish!!! WOW That’s a LOT!!!! However, I love them… Good luck with yours. Don’t forget to post some pics of your mani!!!

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