***Macy’s Instant Win Game*** I WON $10!

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I played the other night and didn’t win!  Then when I played again and I won $10 to Macy’s!!!  I wasn’t sure if I was going to share it with you!  BUT I got the information in my inbox already on how to redeem my $10!!!!

I thought you had to have a QR reader to play but you don’t!!!!  Here is how to get your FREE ENTRY!!!

Play Macy’s Backstage Pass and WIN a Shopping Spree Worth Up to $500!!

1.  Just click the link above and click Shop Now! (…b/c if you go through ShopAtHome.com and decide to also shop while you are there you will earn CASH BACK!)
2.  Click the Macy’s Backstage Pass banner toward the bottom of the page.  Click Find Out More and read how to play!!!
3.  When you click Official Rules on the Red Pop Up box…You can scroll and find the Online Entry (view image below).  It will allow you to connect with facebook!

IF YOU WIN…Be sure to let me know!!!!  Good Luck!!!  I think you can keep playing until you win…but I am not positive of that…so let me know!!!  Don’t forget to spend it by going through ShopAtHome.com!

(Thanks, Melissa!)


  1. cillastrome@hotmail.com'Priscilla says

    You can play up to 23 times per day. Once you’ve reached that limit, it pops up with a screen stating that you’ve reached your limit for the day. :)

    • lindsay.snodgrass1@gmail.com'Lindsay S. says

      I got the same message as Priscilla – I entered a bunch of times and it finally said that I reached my limit. Hope I get something if I try again tomorrow!


  1. […] To enter go to—– Macy’s Backstage Pass Instant Win Game Then click on the blue “Shop Now” button– this way you can get cash back with the gift card that you will hopefully score When you get to the Macy’s site, scroll to the bottom and click on the “Go Backstage Now” Click “find out more” and then click to view the rules online From the “rules” box, click on the online entry link. This way you won’t need a smart phone. If you win, you will get an email from Macy’s with a redemption code When you go through ShopAtHome.com, you will score cash back (it is usually 3% but today it is 6%!) and you will also get a $5 bonus if you are new. Thanks Enza’s Bargains! […]