Many Ways to Say “I Love You”!

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Many ways to Say, “I Love You” to your significant other.  With the Holidays just around the corner there are many distractions!  This time of year can be pretty stressful for some people and I wanted to help write a post, not only for myself, but for you too.  Choose a few of your favorite things to do on this list and I challenge you to do them!

      1. Spell it out with Rose Petals and leave it on their pillow/bed.
      2. Go back for a second kiss.
      3. Leave a voicemail.
      4. Give a massage.
      5. Create a CD.
      6. Create the perfect movie night with the first move you watched together.
      7. Create a surprise steak dinner.
      8. Place a note in their lunch.
      9. Post it notes on the vanity mirror for them to find.
      10. Dry erase markers to write notes in the shower.
      11. Place a note in your spouse’s car.
      12. Write a note and take a picture of it to make as your spouse’s phone wall paper.
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      13. Send a text message.
      14. Send an e-mail.
      15. Write a lietter and leave it open on their laptop.
      16. Change the cd or Mp3 on their playlist with a sweet message from you.
      17. Place a special note in their book they are reading.
      18. A hotel style note + chocolate on their pillow before bed.
      19. Serve breakfast in bed.
      20. Hug.
      21. Place a note on their desk at work.
      22. Write a letter and have your kid deliver it.
      23. Do one of their chores unexpectedly.
      24. Hold hands.
      25. Tell them, “I Love You” when they least expect it. :)
      26. Pick them a flower.