Groupon: $19.99 For Customized Photo Tote Bag! *LIMITED TIME*

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Summer isn't over YET! Grab a Customized Photo Tote Bag from Picture It On Canvas for just $19.99 … [Read More...]

Groupon: Save 62% On A Jabra Stone2 Bluetooth Headset! *LIMITED TIME*

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School is about to start.Make sure your new driver has bluetooth so you don't have to worry about … [Read More...]

Groupon: TWO BPA Free Tritan Hot OR Cold Infuser Water Bottles – $16.99! (Ends 07/23/14)

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Groupon is trying to help us get or stay healthy!  Order a two pack of BPA FREE Asobu Flavor It … [Read More...]

Groupon: Save Over $30 On The Original Pizza Maker! (Ends 07/21/14)

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It might seem like an oxymoron, but we've been trying to make our pizza night a healthy night!  We … [Read More...]

Groupon: Insulated Tote Bag – $16.99! (Ends 07/20/14)

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If you're like me, you're not ready to think about school lunches just yet, but I couldn't pass up … [Read More...]

Groupon: New Balance Kids’ Sandals – $6.99!! *LIMITED TIME*

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My daughter's foot has grown a full size since Easter!  I bought her a pair of sandals for Easter … [Read More...]

Groupon: Save 71% OFF Pacific Gear Wheeled Laptop Backpack! (Ends 07/18/14)

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Here's an awesome deal on a backpack!! You can use it for that last summer trip, or for the school … [Read More...]

Groupon: 3 Piece Charging Bundle For Apple Devices! *LIMITED TIME*

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My husband has been traveling a lot and we share a charger, so he had to get a new set of charging … [Read More...]

“Sex Tape” Movie Review: Did this conservative mommy like it?! #SexTapeMovie

I had to take a funny picture! This was at the screening!

Disclaimer: I was sent to the Sex Tape press junket in LA to cover the movie & interview the … [Read More...]

Groupon: 62″ x 30″ Customized Collage BEACH TOWEL – 66% OFF! *LIMITED TIME*

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Woah!  We've seen great deals from for collages, and now you can take it to the beach … [Read More...]

Groupon: Super Cute Women’s Tops – $7.99! *LIMITED TIME*

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As much as I hate to admit it, it's getting close to the end of the summer!  I'm getting tired of … [Read More...]