Groupon: Super Cute Women’s Tops – $7.99! *LIMITED TIME*

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As much as I hate to admit it, it's getting close to the end of the summer!  I'm getting tired of … [Read More...]

Groupon: NFL Vinyl Car Mats – 50% OFF! *LIMITED TIME*

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This is definitely one of the BEST gifts for dad!!!!  A gift that involves sports AND his favorite … [Read More...]

Groupon: $15 Gift Cards To iTunes For Only $10! (Ends 09/01/14)

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Wow!  I'm surprised this isn't sold out!  Groupon has $15 gift cards to iTunes for only $10!  25,000 … [Read More...]

Groupon: Only $19.99 For A Zoo Builders Or Vet On Call Backpack Set! (Ends 08/31/14)

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How neat is this Zoo Builders and Vet On Call Backpack Set? Your little one can operate on, and take … [Read More...]

Groupon: 2-Carat Cubic Zirconia Earrings – $2.93! *LIMITED TIME*

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If you've got your ears pierced, you need this!  You can score a set of 2-Carat Cubic Zirconia … [Read More...]

Groupon: Custom Shutterfly Photo Book – 67% OFF *LIMITED TIME*

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Yes!  I can never get enough of these photo book deals!  They are so awesome for gifts, coffee table … [Read More...]

Sea Life Aquarium NEWS!

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Sponsored by Sea Life/Legoland: Our family loves attending Sea Life! The Octonauts have been at … [Read More...]

Groupon: Elmo Night-Light Deal – $11.99! (Ends 09/06/14)

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Help your little one feel cozy and safe with an Elmo Night-Light!  Spend just $11.99 for an Elmo … [Read More...]

Groupon: Nintendo DS Kids Game Bundle – 60% OFF! *LIMITED TIME*

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Snag this Nintendo DS Kids Game Bundle for $33.99 and use it for a Christmas gift, OR separate it … [Read More...]

Groupon: Only $7.99 For A Case Logic iPad Folio For iPad 2 Or iPad 3! *LIMITED TIME*

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We got an iPad LAST Christmas and haven't been able to find a cheap case for it yet!!  If you've got … [Read More...]