Reward Programs that Earn You FREE Stuff!

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Reward Programs

If you already use store loyalty cards to save money, you might want to start also using reward programs. Reward Programs that Earn You FREE Stuff!  You are already buying these items anyways! Now scan your receipts, put in those codes, and save up that money! When getting financially fit besides couponing a fun way to free up some of the money is to earn free stuff and free gift cards! I like to set mine aside and use it for shopping bargains and/or buying gifts! My favorite Decembers are when I know that I am done Christmas Shopping and that I did it all for FREE! Well there are tons of sites out there that let you put in your rewards! Here are some that you should consider! I have a place for all of them and then usually like to put them in while getting caught up on TV shows! There are many reward programs out there. Find a place to keep them organized and when you have time enter them. Don’t let them go too long or you will end up never wanting to do them. Some also have a limit on how much you can enter per day/week. So here are the ones that I love using:

Ibotta: This one is easy! I use it for groceries! When I buy groceries, I scan them on the app and I earn cash back! I got $20 a week ago!  EASY PEASY!

Hallmark Rewards (This is not their Crown Rewards): This is NEW! Every 5 cards you buy earn you a $5 gift card right now! This can definitely change but Walmart sells cards for about $0.97! Soooo do you see the savings I see!?!

My Coke Rewards! My husband is a huge Nike fan and they often have had magazine subscriptions and other gift cards! Well we save all our points from our 12 packs and our 20 oz sodas, and even collect them when we see them at our parents house! We cash in several times for free gift cards! Every December they do a promotion where they highly discount their prizes!

Disney Movie Rewards: Okay, if you have movies, go through all the Disney ones and put in all your rewards!

Huggies Enjoy the Ride: Okay do you have a little one in diapers?! OR are you still using wipes! Save those points! They also can earn your great gift cards and more.

Pampers Gifts to Grow: This is a good one too! Pampers often releases free codes throughout the year to use too!  (Get 100 free points if you sign up HERE!)

Kelloggs: Cereal boxes, Pop Tarts, several other Kelloggs products have these nice little codes inside! I just started collecting them but I know of other bargain groups that used them all the time! Go ahead and check your cabinets and start putting in those rewards!

Shopkick:  Shopkick gives you points for walking in stores AND then you redeem them for gift cards!

I LOVE comments! What other programs should I add to this list?! Which ones do you use?


  1.'Caly says

    I am always looking for gift cards. And some of the advice given on this page are really good! Thanks for sharing it!

  2.' says

    The Pampers and Disney Movie Rewards are my two favorite. Last year I turned in some of my Pampers points for a Little Tikes Shopping Cart for my daughter, and I’ve redeemed for a few things (ornaments, a Tigger Pillow Pal, etc.) from Disney.

  3.'Melissa Lowe says

    Thank you, I need to start using Huggies and Pampers codes again. I need to also jump on board on this Ibotta app

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