Opinion Outpost: HURRY Accepting Applications!

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*HURRY* Accepting applicants NOW!

Wow! Look what my friend sent me! Lacey, was kind enough to send me an image she got from Opinion Outpost! They stopped sending actual checks and are now sending money! Not only do you get cash but by signing up you will also be entered to WIN prizes! Be sure to sign up and check your inbox right away to confirm and get started!

Miriam R. shared: “…I have been a member for quite some time and they are the best survey company there is, in my opinion. They pay several ways, including Amazon gift cards (which were not available for several months, but now are back), Paypal, and Citibank Visa cards – a new form of payment that is excellent, as you can use it almost anywhere and need no checking account. But I have never heard of them offering checks or sending cash through the mail.

On second look, this one actually does look like it was sent by the research company that provided the survey to OO. Sometimes after the initial survey they do product sample surveys like this one. But I’m pretty sure OO doesn’t send checks. By “cash” a lot of these companies do mean Paypal, though as far as I’m concerned, “cash” would be something anybody could use, not something that depends on your having a bank account you can link it to.”

Debbie M. shared: “…I love opinion post I have been a member for 2 years and i get Amazon codes from them and so I use them to stock up all year on christmas gifts for my four kids -nothing comes out of my pocket -just a little time answering surveys.”

More from a Reader – Once I received my first product test from them I’m getting surveys almost daily for product tests. Just in 2 1/2 weeks Ive received Woolite Dark colors Laundry detergent-32 load I believe, Ive received Baby Wipes, Fiber One Kids Bars, and took a survey that I will receive a new yogurt product test as well.

Join Opinion Outpost and start sharing your opinion.

Apply today while they are still accepting applications!


(Thanks, Couponin’ on Coffee)


  1. JSchorghofer@gmail.com'Jessica says

    This isn’t true, I have been a member of Opinion Outpost for a few years now and they do not send cash or products like this. They do pay, but it is through PayPal or Amazon credits. The points do add up quickly because I generally earn anywhere from $5-$20 a week depending on how much I get on and which surveys I qualify for.

    • enza@enzasbargains.com'Enza says

      Thank you for sharing! Glad to know you are using them! Maybe it depends on the offers that you get?

  2. daniellencharles@yahoo.com'danielle bronson says

    I have been a member of this site for yrs and yrs and have gotten so much i had to claim it on taxes! yes they at one time sent chk with a minium pay out of 5 bucks that has changed as they have grown. I choose the citi bank card it did charge me 1.50 the first time i got that came out of my survey money did not need to pay with a visa or anything. they send lots of things to test. I have had wipes diapers yogurt hambuger helper wollite lots of things even baby food and cereal. i have gotten cash lots of times with the test products! The cash is not coming directly for o.o. though it comes from the affilates that your testing for but this is a amazing co. that i recomend to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. laurenegirvan@gmail.com'Lani G. says

    I’ve been using Opinion Outpost for a while now and they are great. I’ve made $100 in a about 3-4 months. I’ve gotten to try products and they pay via PayPal, Amazon out Citibank visa gift cards. I use Paypal and it’s instantly in my Paypal account; Paypal takes about 3 or 4 days if you want to transfer it to a bank account. No fees. The support team is also great but make sure you write down the survey number if you’re missing points or if you run into an error.

  4. gretelw@aol.com'Margaret says

    I have tried to sign up but it doesn’t let me. I am computer illiterate. There is a cookie box in the corner and when I click on that it just takes me to an opt out page which I don’t think I want. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

    • enza@enzasbargains.com'Enza says

      Are you clicking on the opinion outpost link? If so there should be a sign in page. I just signed up this week as well! Already got some survey offers in my inbox!


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