BenQ Genie Lamp Review

Are you thinking about getting a new lamp for your desk or workspace?  What brands are you looking at when it comes to lamps? Do you go with a trusted brand or just the look of the lamp?

When shopping you should not only purchase items based on how they look, but you need to always consider going with a trusted brand. I have been familiar with BenQ’s products for over 10 years now.  When I first started working in a computer lab as a teacher, we had BenQ projectors!  I loved my projector so much, I actually named him “Ben”.  The true question is whether or not their desk lamps meet my expectations!

BenQ Genie Lamp Review

At my home office, I work from a laptop not a desktop. I travel too much, I am a mom, and I am on the go.  My work station must be in my purse.  When I am home, I do need an office to shut the door and work without distractions.  (I am not finished decorating my office, so ignore the missing pictures and the ones that are too far to the right.)


When BenQ, asked if I wanted to work with them on a new desk lamp, I was pretty excited.  My new office is a bit dark and staring only at the computer monitor lighting makes my eyes tired.  The Genie Lamp comes in so many colors and they had both of my colors available for my office: pink and blue!  The sleep look, bright color, and lighting are all great!

When opening up the lamp, I was shocked on how heavy and sturdy it feels. It was packaged really well and it was also really easy to put together coming with two little screws.  There are just a few steps when putting the BenQ Genie Lamp together. Slide the light into the base, screw it together, and plug it in.  Be careful when snapping the cord to the base.  If you do it too tight when you adjust your lamp with will want to pull apart.  So give it some more room so that it doesn’t stop you from adjusting your lamp to go above your monitor.

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BenQ Screenbar Lamp Review

The BenQ Genie Lamp isn’t their only product! They also have a Screenbar lamp for a desktop workstation.  It is pretty cool but it doesn’t work on a laptop.  I plan to use the Screenbar lamp in my classroom on that desktop for when I am working.  It is works through a USB connections and has a manual and auto dimmer.

The Screenbar lamp is also very sturdy, heavy, and has some great features.  If you have desktop you will definitely want to consider giving your eyes a little ease with some lighting.

Watch the video below:

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For more information, visit the BenQ website!

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