Book Club Movie Quotes

Book Club Quotes
Myla Tosatto

“I don’t need anyone. It’s the secret of my success.”-Vivian (Jane Fonda)

“You got engaged? Why? Wow. I mean, wow.”- Sharon (Candice Bergen) to her son

“Multiple eargasms. Who doesn’t enjoy that?”- Carol (Mary Steenburgen)

“My son is engaged and my husband is in Maui with a tartlet named Cheryl.”- Sharon

“Who gets involved at 67? What’s the point?”- Sharon

“Wait 10 years. Dry shampoo is coming.”- Vivian offering advice to Cheryl Strayed in Wild

“I would like to introduce you to Christian Grey.”- Vivian

“To even be holding this book is embarrassing.”- Carol

“Give me a break. . .”- Diane (Diane Keaton) about Fifty Shades of Grey

“I’m way too good at forecasting risk.”- Vivian on why she doesn’t have a husband

“I always wish for the same thing- a healthy planet.”- Vivian after making a wish

“This book has got me in a total tizzy.”- Carol

“So you’re a pilot?”- Diane
“I think so. They gave me the hat.”- Mitchell (Andy Garcia)

“I could have put him in jail for any one of those things.”- Sharon on Christian Grey

“Note to self- watch Carol ride a bicycle some day.”- Vivian

“You’ve completely lost it.”- Sharon to Carol

“What’s the topic this month?”- Bruce (Craig T. Nelson)
“Moby Dick!”- Diane

“Thank God it’s a trilogy!”- Diane

“Ladies, we should not go gentle into the good night.”- Vivian

“Remember, we can put you in the basement whenever you’re ready.”- Adrianne (Katie Aselton) to Diane

“That was a beautiful story. Thank you. I wish I was kissed by Terry Sanders.”- Mitchell to Diane

“No one with a life has a motto.”- Sharon

“Damn you, E.L. James.”- Carol about the author of Fifty Shades of Grey

“His name is George and he’s probably a serial killer.”- Sharon about her online date

“My organs just shifted.”- Sharon on wearing Spanx

“Shut up and kiss me.”- Sharon to George (Richard Dreyfuss)

“I can’t believe you put Viagra in my beer.”- Bruce to Carol

“It’s okay to be happy, Diane.”- Mitchell

“We slept on a couch. He tickled my arm.”- Vivian

“We’re sure not spring flowers.”- Carol
“More like potpourri.”- Vivian

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