Dorm Room Essentials on a Budget

Do you have a kid or know somebody who is about to head to college? They are probably trying to figure out what they need to get their dorm room ready. We decided to create a list of some Dorm Room Essentials on a Budget for all of you. This post is sponsored and we teamed up with Honeymoon Home Fashions and were provided free sheets. Also, our posts do contain affiliate links which mean we make a small commission if you happen to make a purchase by clicking on a link through our website. All opinions are our own and I appreciate your support!

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Dorm Room Essentials on a Budget

If you are preparing your dorm room, the “essentials” might be different if you are guy vs. a girl. The idea is how can you get one room to be your home for the next year. Here is our list:

Fabric and tension rods: Find some matching fabric that goes with your bedding that you can use to hang your curtains. In the past I have even used shower curtains cut to size that I purchased from a local dollar store!

Crates: Colored crates serve so many purposes. Not only are they cute storage for books, clothes, closet organizers, but throw a piece of fabric over them and they make for adorable little end tables and coffee tables!

Shoe and Closet Dividers: Keeping stuff off the floor is important when two people are living in a really small space. purchase some shoe holders that hang over the door and some closet containers that hang right on your rack where you can have extra shelving space made my cute canvas dividers.

Bedding: Sheets and Matching comforters.  We recently had the chance to review Honeymoon Home Fashion sheets for my kids bedroom.  They both like to sleep on bunks so it was the closest that I could get to a dorm room setting!  What is funny is those two comforters that I use in her room were my two matching comforters that I used in college!  So her room a bit feels like my dorm room.  I let my kids test out their Honeymoon Home Fashion sheets and they said that they really loved them.  They can feel the difference from their other sheets.  These sheets feel super soft and smooth.  They have a thin but yet sturdy feel to them.  My youngest said she felt as comfortable as she does at her nonna’s house (grandma).

It is real life….that little gal wasn’t sure why I was taking pictures of her. 🙂

Your kids will soon learn that they will need to live with very minimal in order to fit in one room. Have them think about their visits home and when they can switch out their wardrobe so that they aren’t using the closet for items they won’t wear or use.

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