Elgato Eve Aqua – 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The Elgato Eve Aqua is another top tech gift item for those friends and family who either garden or water their grass using a sprinkler. I am so excited to use our Elgato Eve Aqua this spring after we treat our lawn. There were many days I missed my watering window and/or didn’t want to have to walk to the side of the house before and after it as watered to turn our sprinkler on and off.
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Elgato Eve Aqua

Elgato Eve Aqua - 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The Elgato Eve Aqua is a smart water controller with HomeKit Technology, Schedules & Usage Meter for your sprinkler system.  Now you can use your iPhone and app to schedule or turn your sprinkler on and off with you phone.  It is a really easy set up and a slight learning curve to learn how to use the app.

Definitely a great gift idea!  I am really excited to use ours all Spring and Summer long!

Effortless control: activate your sprinkler via Siri, the app, or onboard button
Auto shut-off: never watch the clock or flood your garden again
Schedules: set to water automatically at specific times; Estimated consumption: track water usage
Operating Range: Pressure: Min. 1 bar / Max. 5 bar. IPX4 Water Resistance. UV Protection
Power: 2x AA Replaceable Batteries
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy
Dimensions: 94 x 123 x 80 mm / 3.7 x 5.2 x 3.1 in
Requirements: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 11.3 or later. Automation & remote access: HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad set up as a home hub

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Elgato Eve Aqua - 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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