Facebook Portal and Portal Plus Review for Long Distance Families!

Facebook Portal and Portal Plus Review for Long Distance Families!This post is a sponsored post with Best Buy and Facebook.

The Facebook Portal and Portal Plus is a new video chat system that has some awesome features that just chatting on FaceTime doesn’t offer. If you are looking for a great gift for that family member who lives out of town, then purchasing a pair of either the Facebook Portal and Portal Plus will make for some great virtual time together.

With my sister living out of town I thought this would be a great device for us to keep in touch together. I also thought that this would be a good device for the office if you have employees who work from home a lot.

While researching the product I noticed that the camera quality and camera features are amazing.  I love the fact  that it has a.i. technology allows the camera to zoom in and out to those people talking and even if you start walking around, the camera will follow you.

You can also add different apps like Spotify and have your two different devices in two different parts of the world share playlists and songs together!  I know that my daughters and their cousins will love having dance parties together!

If you are family doesn’t already own an Alexa you have all of the Alexa features on the Facebook Portal and Portal Plus.  So you know longer need the actual Dot because Amazon let Facebook have their feature on their device. If you ask me, that is pretty awesome because I am starting to think that we can use an Alexa app on some of our other smart devices!  Move over, Siri, we all love Alexa!  Remember you can check out both of the devices at Best Buy!

I am really hoping that I am going to be able to do Facebook Live using their a.i. camera technology!

One of the things I was worried about was possible safety.  You can actually physically cover the camera and also turn off the microphone when you aren’t using it.  Facebook also says that messages are encrypted.  It also doesn’t have safe recognition software but just recognizes that there is a face there.  You can read more about Facebook Portal and Portal Plus privacy here.

Facebook – 15.6″ Portal Plus with Alexa – Video Calling – Black retails for $349.99 and the small Facebook Portal retails for only $199.99…when you buy two of these …. The price drops to only $149.99 each! (This sale is for a limited time!)

Right now if you purchase two devices then you get $100 off in you cart at BestBuy.com!

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