Is Venom too dark for kids? – Venom Review

I had the opportunity to screen Venom with Movie Myla this week. We both love Marvel movies. The last Marvel movie that Sony created was Spider-Man Homecoming and I thought it was awesome. I also really enjoyed Venom. I thought it was a GREAT popcorn movie. I found it funny and action packed. But is the movie appropriate for kids or is it too dark?

Whether or not the movie was good for kids was a nice discussion at the end of the film. There is a lot of violence and the violence is funny. We are talking about Venom eating people’s heads off. There was some cuss words and the one romantic scene that I can remember was pretty clean!

Is Venom too dark for kids? - Venom Review

The movie starts very dark with lots of fire and explosions. There was a spaceship crash and they found an astronaut still alive and one of their contaminates were gone. The darkness of the film was a little bit of Marvel action with a little bit of some type of Halloween Werewolf movie.

I believe a mature 13 year old would be fine watching this movie. After all, some of the violent video games can be scarier.

As for yourself, I think you are really going to enjoy the movie. A great popcorn film with lots of action, humor, and a tad bit scary. October is a great time for this movie.

Be sure you stay for the extra scene. It had me really excited for what is to come. I am hoping the Internet doesn’t ruin it for you.

If you are wondering how you are going to leave the film, you are going to end up really understanding Venom’s role with Marvel. You are also going to see why and how he is classified as an anti-hero. You should feel a lot more comfortable being able to see Eddie (Tom Hardy) and Venom (Tom Hardy) and how they are connected.

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