Socken Zocken – 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The Socken Zocken game by Active Kids is not only a fun game to get kids learning but it totally gets them active. I can’t wait to gift this game to my 5 year old and my 9 year old. THEY love running and playing together. This post might also contain affiliate links which may earn us a small percentage to help cover our expenses if you choose to make a purchase.

Socken Zocken

Socken Zocken

I think Socken Zocken is super cute because your kids turn into the sock monster. So rather than the sock monster losing all your kids socks they get to play to match them together or steal their own matches. Purchase the game on Amazon today!

Socken Zocken

Place the baskets around the room. Player will need to race from basket to basket matching the socks symbols and racing off to the next basket. The first player to get rid of all their socks wins!

Age Range: 5 years+

MSRP: $19.99

You can find the game at

Socken Zocken

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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