Stan and Ollie Review

Stan and Ollie
Review by Myla Tosatto

Stan and Ollie Review

While watching Stan and Ollie, a wave of nostalgia came over me. I remember watching Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (portrayed in the movie by Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly) when I was a kid (not originally at a theater, I’m NOT that old!). Laurel and Hardy never failed to bring a smile to my face. The same can be said of the new Jon S. Baird film. It is a crackling, tight piece of filmmaking that captures Laurel and Hardy in their not so glory days.

After defining their slapstick careers in 100 or so movies and shorts, the comedy legends parted ways. To help revive the duo’s careers, they embarked on a tour of the United Kingdom. The film mostly covers this time and bits and pieces through flashbacks.

While in England, they rehash their relationship. Though at times it seems rocky, it also appears very loving. I was struck by how intimately they were portrayed. The simple act of hand holding through their iconic dance routine and after a harrowing experience really gripped me. The screenwriter (Philomena’s Jeff Pope) also used hand holding to bring the relationship of their two bickering wives, Lucille Hardy (Shirley Henderson of Harry Potter fame) and Ida Laurel (Florence Foster Jenkin’s scene stealing Nina Arianda) together. The cast is just superb. John C. Reilly truly deserved his Golden Globe nomination.

This movie is rated PG. There is no cussing or nudity or anything unjust. It’s just about two men who had a fabulous career. The humor is gentle and will make you laugh out loud, I imagine. I know I did. If you are lucky enough to go see this movie make sure you turn to your fellow moviegoer afterwards and say, “Well ,here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”. I guarantee it will bring a smile.

Stan and Ollie is already playing in theaters!

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