A Simple Favor Quotes

A Simple Favor Quotes

If you are you looking for your favorite line or quote from A Simple Favor? We sent Movie Myla to review the movie and also she created a list of “A Simple Favor Quotes”. If you haven’t seen the movie I would scroll to the bottom without reading and purchase your ticket.

A Simple Favor Quotes

Myla Tosatto

WARNING: Not terribly rife with spoilers, but proceed with caution.

“. . .She asked me a simple favor.”- Stephanie (Anna Kendrick)

“Secrets are like margarine. Easy to spread- bad for your heart.”- Stephanie

“I think there’s crystal meth in those meatballs.”- Darren (Andrew Rannells)

“Please tell me you don’t own a helium tank, Stephanie.”- Stacy (Kelly McCormack)

“Great work today, Smooch.”- Stephanie

“Mommy already has a play date with a symphony of antidepressants.”- Emily (Blake Lively)

“I like martinis.”- Stephanie

“We have an oopsy jar in the pantry.”- Stephanie

“Usually sad stories don’t get to me but that one did.”- Emily

“I tried eharmony for awhile.”- Stephanie

“You’re too sexy to give up.”- Emily

“Mother Teresa and I are like the same person.”- Emily

“You’d do that for me?”- Emily
“Yeah. Anything.”- Stephanie

“Oh my God, she’s so funny.”- Stephanie

“Oh, you don’t want to be friends with me. Trust me.”- Emily

“My God, you’re such a nerd.”- Emily

“Don’t you dare touch that washcloth.”- Emily

“Do I look reset? Because I feel reset.”- Stephanie

“Wanna trade confessions?”- Emily

“I can’t wait to see what you cook.”- Emily

“I just need a simple favor.”- Emily

“Stephanie, that’s so great that you took the nanny job.”- Darren

“She doesn’t know she’s working for free.”- Darren

“She’s an enigma, my wife.”- Sean (Henry Golding)

“She’s like a beautiful ghost.”- Sean

“Hi, Moms. Stephanie here.”- Stephanie vlogging

“Never wear a Hermes vintage scarf with a Gap t-shirt. If you were Emily’s friend you would know that.”- Dennis Nylon (Rupert Friend)

“. . .Because if you lose moms, you lose business.”- Stephanie

“She’s never coming back. Don’t you watch Dateline?”- Darren

“We are soldiering on with cookies and origami.”- Stephanie

“It’s the least she can do. She didn’t bake anything.”- Darren

“Let’s just sit here and feel lousy and watch the grass grow.”- Stephanie

“Oh, I’m very versatile.”- Stephanie

“Why is this ’Cesarean’ salad so crunchy?”- Nicky (Ian Ho)

“Damn! Are you trying to kill us?”- Nicky

“It’s all good, baby. It’s just another Tuesday.”- Emily

“Her name’s not Emily, it’s Claudia.”- Diana Hyland (Linda Cardellini)

“It’s not lying if I’m actually cleaning.”- Stephanie

“Some children are just born rotten.”- Margaret (Jean Smart)

“Where’s the sherry? It must be behind the Sylvia Plath.”- Margaret
“Where do you think you’re going?”- Bruce (Roger Dunn)

“Emily, wherever you are, I hope that you’re listening and you’ve got to have faith.”- Stephanie

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