A Simple Favor Review

A Simple Favor Review
By Myla Tosatto

A Simple Favor is being brought to us ‘from the darker side of director Paul Feig’. That is both true and VERY misleading. Mr. Feig has made such hilarious movies as Bridesmaids and Spy. How can he get lighter than that? He can’t. That’s great for us because it has brought us the thriller, A Simple Favor. And is it hilarious, too? You bet your sweet mommy blog it is!

Vlogger Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) meets the mysterious Emily (Blake Lively) one day during school pick up. Stephanie is immediately taken by the beautiful Emily, who is everything she isn’t: stylish, happily married, out spoken and gainfully employed with a high powered job. The two become unlikely friends and bond over martinis, how to be a strong female (do not say sorry!) and shared secrets. Though, Emily keeps many of her secrets to herself. After she goes missing, Emily’s husband Sean (Henry Golding) and Stephanie find out who the real Emily is. Emily may not be who they thought she was and Stephanie has a bit of Nancy Drew in her and is up for some sleuthing action.

I would liken A Simple Plan to Gone Girl, Dateline, Gaslight, Diabolique and the bestseller ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ as penned by the Gilmore Girls or Search Party writers (though, it was written by Jessica Sharzer based on the novel by Darcey Bell). The Hitchcock vibe is also very strong with this one. Whatever genre it is, it is very entertaining. Very.

If you enjoy movies that leave you on the edge of your seat in suspense or laughter, this movie is for you. If you like duplicity and mayhem, this movie is also for you. If you like clever dialog and beautiful costumes and sets, again this is your kind of movie. If you enjoy Anna Kendrick being quirky, Blake Lively’s graceful animal magnitude or listening to the seductive voice of Henry Golding, go see this film! You will not be disappointed. A Simple Plan has offered up one of the most enjoyable times at the cinema this year.

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