Groupon FREE Credit! Spin the Value Wheel and Get FREE Credit!

If you head on over to Groupon you an SPIN the WHEEL for FREE Credit!  I just won $5!  You will get a free spin a day and can also qualify for 5 extra spins for liking the value wheel!!  Use you credit within 24 hours!  This could mean a potential freebie!  Your credits will apply directly at checkout!!!

Good Luck!  Be sure to come back and let me know if you WIN!!!



  1. Devon Campbell says:

    I won a $5 and a $10 but none of the deals were anything I would buy or anything I could get for free so I guess those just go to waste. Its too bad that it won’t let us hold onto the credit for more than 24 hours or let us have it in our account…oh well maybe next time I can win and be able to buy something~at least its a nice bonus feature for groupon!!

  2. I won 2 $10 but there was nothing that I wanted. It would have been worth it if it would add the two winnings together, but it will only let you use one winning at a time. Still going to try for a higher winning tomorrow

  3. thanks for the reminder!

  4. I’ve spun about 20 times and never gotten anything but ‘oops’. 🙁
    And it’s creepy!