Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is a Spacious, Convenient Bargain!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Drive STI and Mitsubishi. I was provided this car for almost a week to review. All opinions are my own. We really did love traveling Oregon with this car!

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport from the viewpoint of Cannon Beach in Ecola State Park.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport from the viewpoint of Cannon Beach in Ecola State Park.

We were so lucky to team with Drive STI and Mitsubishi and concurred the trip from Silver Falls to Mount Hood to Oregon’s amazing coast in the incredible Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. A crossover SUV from Mitsubishi that feels like a car but has the space and capabilities of some of the larger SUV’s on the road. There wasn’t a road, or path in some cases that we crossed that the Outlander Sport didn’t have the muscle to tackle, it handled beautifully on the twisting, winding mountain roads of the mountains and the awesome sound system with SiriusXM kept our energy and spirits up on some of the longer drives, the thing has a subwoofer!

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: Creatively Spacious

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Interior Views.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Interior Views.

The Outlander is a crossover, so by definition it’s not a huge SUV. It’s smaller and more compact, and when you sit down in it for the first time you start to look around to get your bearings. What’s the plug situation? A place for two 12V (cigarette) chargers! Thank goodness! How many drink holders are there? 6, that’s right 6, IN THE FRONT SEAT ALONE! Are you kidding me?!? Four in between the consoles and one in each side pocket for a bottle. Anyone with kids knows, this is HUGE!

Ok, so I knew we’d be comfortable driving, but here came the real test, we had luggage. We had luggage to camp in Oregon in spring, which meant we had sleeping bags, heavy clothes, light clothes, rain clothes and for this trip Duck clothes J! Plus two laptops, two cameras, a tripod, four cell phones! So how’d the Outlander Sport do? Every piece of luggage fit in the hatch. No overflow into the back seat. So there was plenty of room to have had four full sized passengers. I was honestly amazed by this, wouldn’t have thought there was a shot when I first saw the car that it could pack so much in. And since there were only two of us, let’s say we had more stuff, let’s say it was Enza, who travels with more stuff than I do (but sadly not by much). The seats drop down to give you more cargo space! Though we still had room to spare, it’s deceptively roomy!

Interior shots of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

Interior shots of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

Possibly the best example however of the space used is the amount of glass on the Outlander Sport. The moon roof is amazing, so amazing I had to use a wide angled lens to actually show the entire window! You won’t miss a thing in this car the sight lines are incredible!

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: LOUD in all the Right Ways

The Outlander comes stock with a HD radio with 6 speakers, a 140 Watt AM/FM/CD/MP3 system. We were treated to the incredible 710-watt Rockford-Fosgate® premium sound system. This had 9 speakers include a subwoofer with Punch Control®, DTS® Neural Surround, PremiDIA-WIDE surround, and Dolby® Volume. This system was incredible. After market sound delivered from the factory, which in my experience isn’t typically available in a car that isn’t the “Limited” version.

Coupled with crystal clear SiriusXM and our drives were so enjoyable and stress-free. The worst part of Oregon is constantly trying to find a signal as you navigate the more remote areas. With Sirius you dial in, crank it up and don’t think about it again until you reach your destination!

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: Power and Handling


The Oulander Sport is surprisingly easy to navigate despite being an SUV. Usually SUV’s feel bulky, take a little bit wider turns and are a little tougher to navigate. With the Outlander Sport we twisted and turned with the roads with ease. Despite having very narrow roads and incredibly sharp corners at times I was always comfortable and confident in the Outlander’s ability to navigate the road ahead.

We’ve always had at least one 4-cylinder car as long as I’ve been driving. Anyone that’s driven a “4 banger” as we affectionately call them knows they struggle when you get at the bottom of a steep hill. Throughout the trip I had to keep reminding myself that this was a 4-cylinder car because we had zero issues. There was never a time I had to force the pedal to the floor begging for the car to get a burst of power, it just handled the hills and mountains with incredible ease.


Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: Easy on the Pocketbook 

The best part of the Outlander Sport is the bargain it is, not just at the dealer but at the pump as well. The Outlander line starts at $19,595 per the Mitsubishi website, though this doesn’t represent the model we were driving. The Outlander Sport cost me about $39 to fill up, by the way gas is expensive in Oregon, $2.989 a gallon. The full tank lasted us about 380 miles from my estimated guess.

I was really blown away by this car. From what reviews I read ahead of time I had fairly high expectations and after driving it for four days they were all exceeded. Get to your local Mitsubishi dealer and take a look at this car in person, you can see from the photos it’s a really nice car! Let us know what your thoughts are! Thanks again to both Drive STI and Mitsubishi!



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