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I am so excited to do a Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ Review! Besides being in the market for a new slow cooker, I wanted something that would help simplify my life, offer me more cooking options then I am use to having. Ninja sent me this product to review to share my honest opinion with all of you!  This post might also contain affiliate links which may earn us a small percentage to help cover our expenses if you choose to make a purchase.

Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ Review

 Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ Review - #EBHolidayGiftGuide

I am already a fan of other Ninja products.  I have tried to lower some of the artificial flavors and sugars out of my diet awhile back.  Eating fresh now tastes so much better to me than eating junk.  I do enjoy natural seasonings, meats, and veggies.  This new Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ was definitely an early Christmas present for myself!  This is what I planned on asking for for Christmas so this was perfect!

Ninja Cooking System Review - #EBHolidayGiftGuide

We made our first meal with our Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™.  We made a Whole30 approved pot roast and it was delicious.  One of the features that I love on the new Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ is the timer that shows us how much time is left to cook and switches to warm once the food is done.  It also has the ability to sear, slow cook, steam, and bake all in one pot.  So when making our Pot Roast we are able to sear it without getting another pan out and get another pan dirty.

 Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ Review - #EBHolidayGiftGuide

It was very easy to steam vegetables! The water boiled in just a few minutes and I had my perfect Whole30 approved green beats really quick.

 Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ Review - #EBHolidayGiftGuide

The Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ has over 80 pre-programmed recipes.  You just put the number on and it cooks the meals really fast.  This is on sale for 15% off of $149.99 on Ninja’s website.

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  1. This would be amazing to have! I love that it can do so much more then most crock-pots/cookers. Plus over 80 pre-programmed recipes would be so helpful!

  2. This looks like a really good product. My sister-in-law is on the market for something like this and I think this would be a wonderful Christmas gift.

  3. I have wanted one of these for a long time. I loved your thorough review! I totally need to get one.

  4. I have to admit this is the first I have heard of this but It is now at the top of my list. We need a faster and easier way to get dinner made, our kids are getting busier and we are too.

  5. Desiree Lopez says:

    I’ll have to see if I can get Santa to bring me this cooking system for Christmas! I love Ninja products so I’m sure I could find a million uses for a great kitchen aid like this.

  6. I’d love to try the new Ninja Cooking System. I have the old one and it’s great, I have a ton of recipes for it on my site, it’s so easy to use.

  7. Oh wow, the things I could do with that. What a fabulous and versatile appliance. I need to put this on my buy-for-me list!

  8. This is one appliance I can not live without! We love our Ninja cooking system and the food always taste great. Since my sisters have seen mine they all are seeking to purchase one for their homes. I love how you can prepare a whole meal in the cooker, it saves a lot of time for a busy mom like me. Best investment so far!

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