Snaplaces Great Stocking Stuffer- #EBHolidayGiftGuide

I went to put tie shoes on my 4 year old the other day, and she started get teary eyed and telling me not to give her tie shoes. This kid dreads having to stop and find someone to tie her shoes for her. They also can be a pain in the butt for teachers.

Snaplaces Great Stocking Stuffer- #EBHolidayGiftGuide

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We are excited to add Snaplaces in our Holiday Gift Guide and an adorable stocking stuffer that is practical and cute! Be sure to pick up some for your little ones too at!

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  1. Darcy L Koch says:

    I should get these for my grandson. He takes his shoes off the minute he’s inside and then if I want to go somewhere it is a hassle getting his shoes tied.

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