Stan & Ollie Quotes from the movie!

Stan and Ollie is playing in theaters and there are some great Stan and Ollie Quotes!  If you haven’t seen the movie yet be sure to check out Myla’s Stan & Ollie  review.  We gathered the best Stan & Ollie Quotes from the movie.  What is your favorite line or quote from the movie?

Stan and Ollie Quotes

Stan & Ollie Quotes from the movie!
Myla Tosatto

“You been down to Tijuana?”- Stan Laurel (Steve Coogan)

“Just lay off the horses and don’t get married again.”- Stan

“I don’t miss England one little bit.”- Stan

“There’ll be a lot of nice girls there.”- Stan

“That’s it, Stan. We’re through.”- Hal Roach (Danny Huston)

“How’s your pal, Mussolini.”- Stan

“You can’t have Hardy without Laurel.”- Stan

“You’re the director. Direct.”- Hal

“That wasn’t me.”- Stan

“Please pardon my friend.”- Oliver Hardy (John C. Reilly)

“So, how are things with Stanley?”- Lucille Hardy (Shirley Henderson)
“Well, you know Stan. . ..”- Oliver

“Ready when you are, Ollie.”- Harry Langdon (Richard Cant)

“Have you heard from Muffin?”- Oliver
“Miffin.”- Stan
“Miffin? Is that really his name?”- Oliver

“Is that funny?”- Stan

“How is Oliver? Hmm? He pulling weight?”- Ida Laurel (Nina Arianda)

“I brought you some hard boiled eggs and some nuts.”- Stan

“Do we really need that trunk?”- Oliver

“How about I punch you right in the nose?”- Stan

“Can I poke you in the eye?”- Oliver

“I thought you were in charge.”- Stan
“So did I.”- Bernard Delfont (Rufus Jones)

“Unbelievable.”- Oliver
“It certainly is.”- Stan

“That was pure magic.”- Bernard

“That’s pretty good. Leave the jokes to us.”- Stan

“Well, that went well.”- Oliver
“It certainly did.”- Stan

“There it is. The Eiffel Tower.”- Stan

“You just never stop, do you?”- Oliver

“But the show must go on.”- Oliver

“You are the epitome of Hollywood.”- Lucille
“Don’t you pity me.”- Ida

“You wouldn’t say boo to a goose.”- Oliver

“I loved us.”- Stan


  1. Audrey Stewart says:

    My husband really wants to see this. He watched them with his Dad as a child.

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