Venom Quotes – HUGE list of our FAVORITE lines from the movie!

If you are looking for your favorite Venom Quotes, we have a huge list! Myla and I were both pleasantly surprised when watching Venom. We both thought it was better than we had expected.  I had no clue that Venom was so funny! With that being said the movie is filled with great quotes and great lines.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I would stop now in case these quotes are spoilers for you.

We will also continue to grow our list of Venom quotes, if you have a favorite line that you think we should add, please let us know. We will continue to add to our list!

Venom Quotes - HUGE list of our FAVORITE lines from the movie!

Venom Quotes


“Let me know how your meeting goes?” Anne (Michelle Williams)
“My meeting? Oh sh**.” Eddie Brock(Tom Hardy)

“You are going to ask him about his space program and say thanks.” –Network Boss

“You’re lucky to have me. I’m quite the catch. That is what my mom told me.” – Eddie Brock

“I moved to San Francisco for you. You are my home.” –Eddie Brock

“Don’t silence her. That’s what some people do. They try to silence people who question things.” – Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed)

“We are not finished, Mr. Brett.” -Eddie
“Yes we are. Have a nice life.” – Carlton Drake

“For a smart guy, you really are a dumba**.” –Anne Weying (Michelle Williams)

“Life hurts, Eddie. It just does.” –Asian Market Lady

“This time, I will not abandon us.” – Carlton Drake

“Bring in the next volunteer.” – Carlton Drake

“I know how dangerous he is.” –Dr. Dora Skirth (Jenny Slate)

“Annie has told me a lot about you. I am a fan of your work.” -Dr. Dan Lewis (Reid Scott)

“There is no protocol for this thing.” – Dr. Dora Skirth
“Nora, I thought you went home.” –Security
“You know what they say. Science never sleeps.” – Dr. Dora Skirth
“I’m hot, is anyone else hot?” –Eddie

“Please don’t call the police. I’m a doctor and this man is my patient.” – Dr. Dan Lewis
“Yes, we just did.” –Venom (Tom Hardy)

“Can you please turn your music down because I am having a really tough time.” –Eddie

“So many snacks, so little time.” –Eddie

“You didn’t find us. We found you.” –Venom

“Are you going to eat anyone else?” –Eddie
“Most likely.” -Venom
Myla’s add-ons:

“I love it when you wear the suit.”- Eddie
“Love you too. Feed the cat.”- Anne

“There’s no such thing as can’t.”- Eddie

“History starts now.”-Carlton Drake

“You have to know how to disappear.”- Eddie

“It’s pretty cool all the people he took down.”- Dan
“Yea, I was one of them.”- Anne

“How’s Mr. Belvedere anyway?”- Eddie

“Who said that?”- Eddie to Venom

“I am in a bad way.”- Eddie

“Snap out of it.”- Anne

“The creature and the host are one.”- Carlton Drake

“Why would you do it?”- Venom
“Because it’s a very sensible thing to do.”- Eddie

“I’m so sorry about your face.”- Eddie

“Outstanding. Now let’s bite all the heads off.”- Venom

“Bring me back my creature.”- Carlton Drake

“You’re just a parasite.”- Eddie
“Parasite?”- Venom

“It’s a dead end.”- Eddie
“Not for us.”- Venom

“What the Hell are you?”- Eddie
“I am Venom and you are mine.”- Venom

“Think of yourself as my ride.”- Venom

“Cooperate and you might just survive.”- Venom

“Let’s eat his brains.”- Venom

“I got us.”- Venom

“You die, I die.”- Venom

“Do not eat policemen.”- Eddie

“I’m out of control.”- Eddie

“Sound is like Kryptonite?”- Anne

“I don’t trust you and you’re insane.”- Eddie

“Did your momma not love you?”- Eddie

“Yea, I can’t fight ugly.”- Anne

“I’m not alone.”- Carlton Drake

“Venom, get in the rocket.”- Riot

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