Verizon Educational Tools: Using Apps to Cut Lesson Planning Time! #VZEducation

Disclaimer: This post is party of the Verizon Education sponsored posts. Although I am being compensated to try out the Verizon Educational Tools and share my opinions. These are my honest opinions! I am using technology in my classroom and at home on a daily basis and I have a passion to learn, teach, and share!


Verizon Education: Using Apps to Cut Lesson Planning Time!

I have been using Verizon Educational tools to help me create lesson plans. I could spend hours a week creating lesson plans for all three of my classroom preps. I couldn’t even imagine if I was a home-school mom how much time it would take to create lesson plans! Right now I have three different classes I teach: Computer Applications, Web Design, and Advisory. Advisory period is a HUGE prep because I am trying to advise my students to be focussed on grades and to be college ready. Since my background is in computers and not English or Social studies, I can find apps for my students to load to work on in class when we meet. I am no longer the boring teacher (oops, lets not lie…I don’t think I ever was “boring”).

Here are three different ways that you can use Verizon Educational Tools:

  1. During lesson planning! I found an app that I thought was GREAT to use while I was showing students sample logos for when they are going to brainstorm about the logos they are going to create. I can also share the link with them so that they can easily flip through the websites themselves.
  2. For my classroom students to work on subjects that they need additional help with prior to taking their Pre-ACT this year.
  3. For my own daughter. We use apps as rewards from time to time. Now I know that I can find a decent app that isn’t going to give her one million pop-ups and ads of spam.

Do you want to learn more about WHY apps are a great way for kids to learn?! Read last month’s Verizon post about how students are “Technological Learners”!


Check out the Verizon Educational Tools in Action!

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  1. I knew that apps were gret for learning, but I never thought about using them for making lesson plans.

  2. We have Verizon phones and I had no idea we had this available. Technology is so incredible when it comes to learning–downloading it on my sons phone today!

  3. Oh wow, now that’s a great way to use technology.

  4. I had no idea these apps were available. I homeschool, so these are perfect for our needs.