Whole30 Daily Journal

Oh my gosh! I did it! I got a book, I read, I took a month and a half to test out recipes and decrease my caffeine intake, then on day #1, I started my Whole30 adventure! I am long time sufferer of IBS, high sugar runs in my family, and my cravings for sweets NEVER stop. I also am a huge stress eater! I really wanted to see if I can have the self discipline to say, “no” to all of my cravings! I decided to create a day to day update on my experience of Whole30! If you are thinking about getting the started this is the book that I used!  This post contains affiliate links where I possibly make a small commission on sales.  

Whole30 Daily Journal

Whole30 Daily Journal


Day 1: It was also my first day back to work (school) so my husband woke up early and cooked me eggs and I had my meals planned. I did need to snack on some cashews and didn’t do great with only 3 meals. I also needed a shot of espresso.

Day 2: I found myself a little more hungry. I had to snack on Cashews since my crockpot recipe wasn’t finished until late and we had to run to gymnastics. Life gets in the way. I also craved some bread.

Day 3: I woke up feeling super bloated. I couldn’t really stick my stomach out any further. I got some huge cravings. I really want chocolate cake and chips and cheese dip REALLY bad.

Day 4: I woke up feeling better! I had a burst of energy.

Day 5: I am not hungry at all. My burst of energy went away but I had to deal with a death. They cravings are starting. I am going to make a list of all of the craving foods that I want to eventually eat again so I don’t forget. 🙂 I am hoping I will look at the list and laugh at it!

Day 6: I felt good. I maybe cheated and stepped on the scale a lot this week. I KNOW this isn’t the goal but eventually it is my goal. I am just trying to get my body right and fix my crazy cravings. I also want my weigh to go down (against a Whole 30 plan).

Day 7: This was a meal prep day. (I actually had dreams I accidentally ate sweets that my daughter puts in front of my face…never realized how much I am dodging food). So I woke up early to do chores then I meal prepped for the week! Still having some cravings!

Day 8-12: This week was pretty steady except for snacking. I wake up so early and by the time I get home from work at 4:00 I need some snacks because I am not ready to make dinner. My food I cooked this week was so good too. My snack (which you aren’t supposed to do during Whole30) was a handful of salted cashews. SO good!

Day 13: I woke up feeling good but DARN tonight was hard! I wanted to quit. I wanted SUGAR…cake would do a cupcake would do…and so would some queso. I am almost halfway there so I can’t give up now…but really wanted to quit. I even had a birthday party and they had chocolate chip cake, yummy sandwiches, and candy.

Day 14-22: The longest I have been without documenting. I have been doing good. I had to evaluate the benefits so far of doing this. I have to take weight loss out of my wants (it is so hard). What I have noticed is that it is easier to wake up in the morning, my stomach hurts less, and I feel a lot less depressed. I am also feeling fuller faster and I don’t feel like I need to snack all of the time, except I still really want some of my food cravings.

Day 23: I started to create a plan for my re-introduction. I also decided I wanted to take a couple of days to eat the few things I REALLY want that I don’t get during reintroduction. Then I am going to keep at eating better and healthier! I haven’t decided if I am going to introduce soda back but I don’t think I want to because it definitely made me crave sweets!

Day 24-29 This was pretty easy going. My cravings weren’t very bad at all and I was able to deal with them. As for my energy I actually felt like it was down. It is hard to tell since I started the entire Whole30 on the very first day of school where I am knocked out tired as it is.

Day 30! I made it! Today was smooth sailing. I said no to the cookie, the pizza, the cookie again, and even the smoothie! I am excited to start introduction! Tomorrow isn’t too exciting since I am starting with Legumes which is some Peanut Butter and some beans! I am the most excited for Saturday when I get to introduce some corn chips (I want chips and salsa) and some corn!

Day 31! I put on the same outfit I wore on Day 1 to take a picture, and I forgot to take my picture so the picture, I took was on day 32! Also, on day 31 I was able to introduce legumes. I searched forever on what things I can get myself to eat that were legumes. I realized that I barely eat legumes! So I forced myself to eat a couple of tablespoons of Crunchy Peanut butter and then I made Italian style lentils for my dinner.

Day 32 is a reset day! I am back on it for two more days to see if I notice any differences from the legumes! I am super excited to get to my “craving list” that I created during my adventure. I told myself that I wasn’t giving up these foods forever and I will be able to have them (not all at once) but before I do another Whole30 reset. This is something I made up so I will share my craving list with you!

Whole30 Cravings List

Chips and Cheese Dip
Chocolate Cake
Diet Dr. Pepper
Long John donut
Starbucks Frappe

Whole30 Recap

I am unsure if I feel more awake since I started on the first day of school (I am a teacher) and I am always tired this time of year. I am not use to drinking black vanilla coffee unsweetened. Apparently I had dark circles under my eyes that I wasn’t aware of until today when I looked at my before and after pictures. I am down 10lbs and this is mostly because of all of the snacking that I did. I also recognize that I am a bored eater more than I am a stress eater. I can now recognize when I am sitting at night bored and tired how my I feel I want to eat even when I am not hungry. This is a habit of eating and not a habit of being hungry. I also plan to stick to Whole30 once I survived my cravings list with hopes I don’t spiral down into laziness and lack of meal planning. I am also excited to try new recipes that are technically not Whole30 compliant because of what they are…but do fit into all of the Whole30 ingredients (example….french fries!). Check out my before and after picture below.

Check out the Whole30 book I started with (I loved the sausage and chili recipe the best!)!! This is a great price for the book too!  Amazon is listing it for 40% off and only being $18!

Whole30 Daily Journal

My under eye circles look so much better. My summer tan has also gone away and my skin looks about the same.


Whole30 Daily Journal

Although my weight is down, it is only 10lbs. I feel about the same with maybe less bloating. You can let me now if you see much of a difference after 30 days.


  1. Tiffany Johnson says:

    You look great, you definitely see the difference in your face. Congrats on making it through 30+ days!

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