Zebra Blinds Z Wave Graber Review – 32% Savings Link

Are you looking for shades for really high windows that you can open and close when you would like? We moved into our house a year ago and I mostly still have the same shades that the previous owners left in the home. In our home we have our TV mounted above the fireplace and on each side there are these high up little windows. They are perfect except between the hours of about 3pm to 5pm, we can’t see our TV because the sun is shining so bright in our eyes. We were thrilled to be able to review a set of Zebra Blinds Z Wave Graber motorized blinds!

Zebra Blinds Z Wave Graber Review and Install

Zebra Blinds Z Wave Graber Review

We wanted to share an honest review with our experience of working with Zebra Blinds. They sent us so many samples so that we can find the perfect color prior to ordering. When our Graber blinds arrived the color is absolutely perfect and matches our trip to perfection. We wanted to color to be neutral and that is what we got!  We ended up reviewing the Zebra Blinds Z Wave Graber Cellular Motorized shades!

Zebra Blinds Z Wave Graber Review - 32% Savings Link

Measuring Zebra Blinds

Measuring had to be the toughest part for me and I did mess up about one inch on my own measurement. Since the blinds are custom, there isn’t much I can do. We do keep the blinds open most of the time except for the few hours the sun comes in to blind us. We did an inside mount, and since I pictured the blinds being mounted on the smallest part, I measured that one instead of the longer portion. I should have gone a half inch longer, rather than make it too short. As you can see in our pictures they don’t look terrible, but of course they drive me nuts.

Remote Controlled

The motorized convenience is great. Since we can’t reach the windows, I would hate to have to get a step stool every time I wanted my windows opened and closed. I would also hate to never open and close my windows because I can’t reach them. So having the option to actually use my windows and shades is amazing.  We love using the remote and we keep it on our shelf so that we don’t lose them.  I plan to get a little piece of velcro to stick them inside our shelf like a button.  They have a large variety of smart motorized blinds to choose from!


Once I ordered the blinds, by the time they made them and shipped them, they took about one month to arrive. They arrived without an issue in December, when ice and snow was happening throughout the country! They shipped to me using FedEx which is nice since FedEx sends me notifications along the way on where and when my package has arrived.

Easy Installation

Whenever it comes to building new furniture or setting up a new product, my husband and I both always instantly feel overwhelmed on reading the directions and hoping everything works correctly. The part that we struggled the most with, was when we realized they weren’t working only because we had our batteries in the wrong way. The simplest step and of course human error got in the way. They actually were SUPER easy to mount. We just had to line up the base mounts, screw them in, and then snap in the blinds! To install them, you measure and mark where the bracket goes with a pencil, screw in the brackets, then snap in the shade and you are done!

Save 32% on Zebra Blinds

We are super excited that when you order your Custom Zebra Blinds through Dealspotr using our custom link, you get a 32% savings!

Zebra Blinds Z Wave Graber Review - Remote Control


  1. Cassandra D says:

    I really like the savings.

  2. donna porter says:

    I like how nice these blinds are especially the remote!

  3. ESther Tartaglia says:

    I would love to try them. I will keep them in mind when we have to order them this year. Thanks

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