Rainbow Party Ideas – Great for birthdays and MORE!


Are you looking for some rainbow party ideas! We love rainbows for everything that they stand for: new beginnings, the calm after the storm, happy, bright, lovely, a gift from God, and more! If you are looking for rainbow birthday party ideas or perhaps just ready to celebrate the luck of the Irish this Spring I have compiled a list of awesome rainbow party ideas that is sure to make you and your guests super happy!

I have a family filled with My Little Pony fans and even the new Rainbow Brite on the Hallmark feeln streaming website. We just LOVE rainbows! My daughter is always looking for them and they are absolutely beautiful.

So why not have a party using these wonderful rainbow party ideas that I put together for you!

There are some more rainbow party ideas on Freebie Finding Mom’s website.  Also don’t forget to check out our own Pot of Gold oreos!

Rainbow Party Ideas

The Cake

If it is a Birthday party first you need a cake!  I like cupcakes!  Here are these adorable Rainbow cupcakes that I made!  To create them, just make some white cake batter. Divide the batter by 4-6 colors! Use food coloring in several different bowls to create your mix. Then color by color fill the cupcake tins. I only used four colors in the cupcakes pictured: blue, yellow, green, and red. You can easily create more colors for your cake or cupcakes!

rainbow party ideas

You can also create these adorable Rainbow Cupcakes in a JAR!

Rainbow Party Ideas - Rainbow Jar Cupcakes


These easy marshmallow Rainbow marshmallow pops are perfect for your cake table!

Rainbow Party Ideas - marshmallow rainbow pops

Rainbow Food Options

These adorable Rainbow Waffles are amazing!

Rainbow Party Ideas - Rainbow Waffles


What about a yummy Rainbow Fruit Trifle, making a nice cooling snack! You can even set up a fruit station for the kids to create their OWN trifle!

Rainbow Party Ideas - Fruit Trifle

What about these amazing Rainbow Pancakes! I am thinking you can almost have a BRUNCH party!

Rainbow Party Ideas - rainbow pancakes

What about some delicious salt and sweet Rainbow Bark to place next to those cupcakes?

Rainbow Party Ideas - Rainbow Bark


Sort snack colors and have guests choose their “color” snack mix!

Rainbow Party Ideas - Rainbow Snacks

Rainbow Activities

Painting!  You can even have them paint with all of the rainbow colors on papers, paper plates (cut them in half for rainbows), or even create cute little blocks for them to take home!

Rainbow Party Ideas - Rainbow Painting



  1. Alayne Langford says:

    Rainbow Fruit Truffle!! Yes!! Done!!

  2. I could eat every single one of these right now……..